Machine Therapies

Most on the advice of the doctor, it is possible to carry out therapies with the use of latest generation machinery, for any skin and muscle imperfections by acting on the skeletal and muscular system from time to time.

The innovative Icoone® LASER technology combines mechanical stimulation, delivered by independent motorised microstimulators, with the action of LASER and LED light sources, which quickly and effectively targets diet and exercise resistant fat deposits.
Base + 2 focus € 110,00
45 minutes
Exclusive method for localized loss of weight that combines the action of infrared with the benefit of electro-stimulation. Special electrodes are placed on required areas in order to maximize the reducing effect.
One session € 85,00
45 minutes
Electrotherapy that stimulates muscle contraction through personalized electrical impulses. Useful for muscle strengthening, shaping and toning, it can also be used to relieve muscle tension and pain.
One session € 40,00
30 minutes
A device producing red light and thermal infrared light promotes the functions of cellular repair and collagen stimulation. Physistech improves firmness of the tissues, visibly reduces wrinkles and increases muscle tone and elasticity of the skin.
One session € 90,00
30 minutes
Tri-active Deka
Exclusive new device, it restores microcirculation, venous flow and lymphatic system thanks to the combined action of cryotherapy, laser and a rhythmic massage. It is recommended as an anti-cellulite treatment and as a stimulating and firming face treatment.
One session € 100,00
45 minutes

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