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This year also, in addition to our wide selection of SPA treatments, we are pleased to introduce you our most innovative treatments to discover the wellness and to experience new sensory paths.

NEW2023! CALCO MASK Treatment
Application on natural mineral casts powered by organic essential oils for a complete way of body reshaping: detoxing, to counteract cellulite and fat, draining and firming, depending on the effect you want to achieve.
€ 160,00
50 minutes
€ 220,00
80 minutes
Floating Pool
Sensory deprivation pool that through a play of lights, colours and the floating technique, obtained thanks to the special concentration of Epson salts in the water, allows you to achieve a deep relaxation effect.
€ 25.00 (non-exclusive use)
20 minutes
€ 80.00 (exclusive use max 2 people)
20 minutes
Seasonal Day
Program specially designed for the face and body that is renewed every change of the season.
€ 190,00
110 minutes
It is the first device that allows for a full-body workout stimulating over 95% of your muscles simultaneously without excessive effort while protecting your joints. Workout programs for body shaping, cardio training, reshape your waistline and anti-cellulite. A new era for safe, fast, easy and fun fitness.
€ 60,00
30 minutes
The innovative Icoone® LASER technology combines mechanical stimulation, delivered by independent motorised microstimulators, with the action of LASER and LED light sources, which quickly and effectively targets fat deposits.
€ 110.00 (base with two focuses)
45 minutes
Couple relaxing experience in Private SPA. The “wellness from head to toe” includes foot Jacuzzi and massage, infrared back therapy, salted scrub and table shower with 3 different programs of hydro chromo therapy. Private area for relax and a special romantic toast.
€ 180.00 (for the couple)
75 minutes

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