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Deep Detox

To deeply purify tissues and vital organs that are intoxicated by poor nutrition, pollution, sedentary lifestyle or invasive medical care. 3-night program

Starting from € 2.949 for two people

Health & Beauty

The path of “remise en forme” par excellence! To lose weight, shaping and toning face and body. 5 or 7 night program.

Starting from € 5.148 for two people


To prevent the psychophysical aging, improving body consciousness and physical condition. 5 or 7 night program.

Starting from € 5.796 for two people

Balance and Vitality

Ancient therapies and natural techniques to consciously find inner harmony and recover vitality. 5 or 7 night program.

Starting from € 6.300 for two people

What a Beauty!

Two nights of rest and well-being in the wonderful setting of the Grand Hotel. For 2 people!

2 Nights

Starting from € 1.124,00

Platinum Experience

The Platinum Experience includes the access to the Oasis Pavilion SPA and one hour and a half of Beauty Treatment at the Medical & Beauty Lab.

€ 300,00