Category: Programs

Fast Detox – 3 night

To deeply purify tissues and vital organs that are intoxicated by poor nutrition, pollution, sedentary lifestyle or invasive medical care.

Starting from € 2.897 for two people

Health & Beauty – 7 night

The path of “remise en forme” par excellence! To lose weight, shaping and toning face and body.

Starting from € 6.616 for two people

Longevity – 7 night

To prevent the psychophysical aging, improving body consciousness and physical condition.

Starting from € 6.616 for two people

All Beauty – 7 night

To prevent, treat and improve face and body skin imperfection, in combination with Icoone and B-moove technologies.

Starting from € 6.616 for two people

Rebalance – 5 night

Ancient therapies and natural holistic techniques to consciously find inner harmony.

Starting from € 4.468 for two people