Hemingway Suite

The marvellous Suite is located on the first floor of the imposing Art Nouveau building and owes its name to Ernest Hemingway who stayed there immediately after the war as a convalescent and then in 1948. The American writer was so enchanted by the beauty of Stresa and the Grand Hotel des Iles Borromées that he quoted it in his famous book “Farewell to Arms”. The Hemingway suite is explicitly requested every year by wealthy guests who want to stay in the same room that today still brings the number 105. The Suite is composed by two bedrooms, one living room, a studio and three bathrooms, for a total of 240 square mts (about 2580 SqFt), the terrace adds 160 square mts to its surface and it enjoys a magnificent view of the Borromeo Islands, the Lake Maggiore and the surrounding Alps.




Hemingway Suite can accommodate four people. It is possible to add two beds up to a maximum of 6 guests


Small dogs are allowed


Hemingway Suite enjoys a magnificent view of the Borromeo Islands, the Lake Maggiore and the surrounding Alps


Other Information

Comfort is worthy of the most demanding customers, the suite is often reserved by heads of state and members of royal families. The walls of the living room are decorated with panels in yellow Siena marble, stuccos and trompe l’ oeil paintings, the ceilings are enriched by round frescos. By the windows still stands the original fireplace in finely sculpted in Carrara Marble. All chandeliers are in Murano glass and match the colours of the tapestry with inlaid of real gold. The studio area, is warm and welcoming, its walls are covered by wooden panels and carved in different kind of woods, near the top of the walls runs a decoration in exotic scenarios. The doors alone are a masterpiece, they are finely carved and decorated with inlaid mother-of-pearl, copper and brass. In the master bathrooms marble reins with all its possible nuances. The oversize whirlpool are decorated with mosaics whose colours match the floors and the walls, even the shower basin comes from a whole piece of white Calacatta marble. The terrace is finished in cotto tiles and its flowers and scented flower arcs recall the atmosphere of the Italian gardens.
Luxury Hospitality

Other Chambers


Art Gallery

Each floor of the hotel is an art gallery.

Six themes relating to periods of great historical and artistic importance which decorate the long and muffled corridors of the Grand Hotel des Iles Borromées & SPA, with casts from period pieces and perfect reproductions.

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The Borromeo spirit envelops you and conquers you! Sumptuous rooms furnished in precious shades of purple, gold and indigo, magnificent suites that blend history, luxury and contemporary comfort.

Grand Hotel Des Iles Borromées Stresa Italy
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Gift Cards

Give the gift of luxury with an extra touch of class: the essential well-being of the Des Iles SPA, a dream stay at the Grand Hotel or a gourmet experience at the Il Borromeo restaurant.



Give the gift of luxury with an extra touch of class: the essential well-being of the Des Iles SPA, a dream stay at the Grand Hotel or a gourmet experience at the Il Borromeo restaurant.


The WiFi service is present throughout the Hotel, in the Park and in the external areas of the swimming pools and the Bistrot


Luggage, storage and custody service


A safe for precious objects is available in all rooms

International breakfast

Delicious and rich breakfast on the lake-view terraces with vegetarian and vegan options

Pet Policy

Spazi comuni: negli spazi comuni i cani devono essere portati al guinzaglio.

Ristorante: con l’eccezione di cani guida, i cani sono ammessi solo nella terrazza esterna, previa riconferma al momento della prenotazione del tavolo.

Piscina e Spa: i cani non sono ammessi nelle immediate vicinanze della piscina e nell’area Spa.

In camera: il cane non va lasciato da solo in camera. Se il cane è presente in camera, le cameriere non potranno effettuare il servizio di pulizia.

Rumori molesti: se il cane dovesse disturbare la quiete dei clienti, in caso di irreperibilità del proprietario, la direzione si riserva il diritto di allontanare l’animale a spese del proprietario.

Responsabilità: il proprietario accetta la responsabilità di eventuali danni e non riterrà l’hotel responsabile per eventuali incidenti che coinvolgano il proprio animale domestico.

Dog Sitter: il Concierge è a vostra disposizione per organizzare un servizio di dog-sitter.


Galleria D'Arte

Ogni piano dell’Hotel è una galleria d’arte.
Sei i temi relativi a periodi di grande rilevanza storica e artistica che arredano, con calchi da pezzi d’epoca e perfette riproduzioni, i lunghi e ovattati corridoi del Grand Hotel des Iles Borromées & SPA.
Una piacevole sorpresa per gli ospiti, in arrivo da tutto il mondo, che possono esprimere la propria preferenza e aspirare a una stanza nel contesto d’arte più amato.:

“Rinascimento fiorentino” – 1° piano,
“Cineserie veneziane” – 2° piano,
“Barocco romano” – 3° piano,
“Capitani e Ordini Cavallereschi” – 4° piano,
“Arte vascolare Magna Grecia” – 5° piano,
“Vestigia pompeiane” – 6° piano,

Ambienti sfarzosi arredati nelle preziose tinte porpora, oro e indaco, magnifiche suite che fondono storia, lusso e comfort contemporaneo.

Pet Policy

Public spaces: dogs must be kept on a leash when in the hotel or on hotel property.

Restaurant: dogs are allowed on the restaurant terrace in a limited number; please ask for reconfirmation when booking the table. This exclusion does not apply to guide dogs.

SPA and Pools: dogs are not allowed within the SPA area and the proximity of the outside pools.

In the room: dogs must not be left unattended in the rooms. If a dog is in the room, housekeeping is not going to service the room.

Disturbances: any disturbances such as barking must be curtailed to ensure other guests are not inconvenienced. In case of unavailability of the dog owner, the dog will be removed from the room at the owner’s expenses.

Liability: guests are responsible for all property damages and/or personal injuries resulting from their pet. Guests agree to indemnify and hold harmless the hotel from all liability and damage suffered as a result of the guest’s pet.

Dog Sitter: the concierge is available to organize a dog sitter service.


Art Gallery

A pleasant surprise for guests, arriving from all over the world, who can express their preference and aspire to a room in the most beloved art context.

Every floor is an art gallery:
“Florentine Reinassance” – 1st floor,
“Venetian Chinoiserie” – 2nd floor,
“Roman Baroque” – 3rd piano,
“Captains & Chivalrous Orders” 4th floor,
“Pottery Art Magna Graecia” – 5th floor,
“Vestigia Pompeian” – 6th floor.